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Shotgun Vendetta

All alone in a dark corridor. Just you and your shotgun. You will need it. You are being attacked
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3 February 2009

Editor's review

“Aim and Shoot”, if these are the words that catch your nerve very often, then you surely would like the new Shotgun Vendetta 1.0. Shotgun Vendetta is interesting for people who like playing shooting games. At the start of the game, you would be taken to a dark corridor, where your enemies, the cyborgs, are waiting to hinder you at every level. Equipped with a shotgun, you need to be accurate and precise in targeting your enemies to finally come out as a winner. With different challenging levels, it presents fun along with thrill to the gamers. The neat graphics, music, and sound effects of the program help maintaining the interest of the players.

As the Shotgun Vendetta begins you would find yourself into a dark corridor with your gun point being displayed in front of you. You have to move forward while the cyborgs would appear in front of you, and you just have to move right or left to aim and shoot at them. As the Ammo present with you, are limited, you need to be precise about targeting and shooting at them. In the meanwhile the cyborgs would try to come closer and would attack you that cause reduction in your health status. If the health status line completely vanishes, or the Ammos are over, the game would get over. In the corridor, you’re shown various doors that you ca enter by pressing “d” and enjoy aiming and shooting at different types of enemies. While playing you would objects like first aid to improve your health status, and also your score and time are shown at the end of the game. So, begin playing fight through the corridors to beat your enemy.

The Shotgun Vendetta 1.0 scores high on smooth game-play and easy operability and its easy to handle game controls, sleek graphics and stellar performance, earn the game a respectable score of 3 rating points.

Publisher's description

All alone in a dark corridor. Just you and your shotgun. You will need it. You are being attacked by cyborgs. Aim with outmost precision and shoot them before they get to you. Do not forget to reload because every lost second can be your last. Shotgun Vendetta is a great free shooting game. Now reload your gun and show those alien thin-cans. Free shooting games is what you wanted to play and that is exactly what you get with Shotgun Vendetta.
Shotgun Vendetta
Shotgun Vendetta
Version 1.0
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